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ZOE IS A TRAINED dancer who first found PILATES while training at LABAN, She has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2006, qualified in Dynamic Reformer 5 years and more recently in Aerial Pilates. She is the first Air Control Pilates Teacher in London.

Zoe teaches at a number of Pilates Studios in and around London, teaching classes as well as personal training and rehab, and delivering high quality Mat Classes with Better Gyms in her local area.

Whilst dancing I started to work in the fitness industry as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. During this time, I suffered a car accident and during my rehab I drew on my Pilates training to help with my back issues. I decided this was the way forward and, maybe because of my dance training – where you have to be so precise – becoming a Pilates Teacher really appealed to me. I am passionate about helping people get the most out of life and learning how to take control of their bodies.

Why Pilates? Unfortunately our lifestyles today are probably the least active and more over-stressed than they have ever been. Pilates can have a life-changing effect on our health and quality of life. How we move and flow improves how we feel – improve that and lives can change for the better.

Mat classes
I‘ve been teaching mat Pilates the longest. I teach beginners through to advanced and also mix in some dynamic functional work as well. I’m passionate about making Pilates fully functional and relative to those who come to my classes. I teach at Better Gyms as well as running my own classes. Since lockdown I have taken these classes online.

Dynamic Reformer
I’ve been teaching Reformer Pilates for 6 years. I teach in and around London at

Absolute Studios –

Flow LDN –

Aerial Pilates what is it?
“Air Control Pilates combines the fundamentals of the Pilates method with aerial arts.Together they combine to evolve and explore in physical and mindful wellbeing that progressively develops balance, strength and awareness. “

“Aerial Pilates as interpreted by Air Control Pilates involves practising Pilates exercises in the air by suspending the body, or parts of the body in an aerial hammock. The aerial hammock is suspended close to the ground at the height of the hips to the knees”.
Blog by Megan Macgregor | April 5th, 2019

I am very excited about this – not only is this the most fun you’ll have in a pilates class, let’s face it: swinging in a hammock is such a freeing experience in itself and great fun. The hammock both supports and challenges you at the same time, taking your pilates practice to another level.

If you haven’t done any Pilates the courses will start by learning and practising the Pilates Mat exercises on the floor. Then you progress to using the Air Control Pilates hammock to assist and support you and then gradually advance to exercises that require full body suspension.

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