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the Pathway program

OUR EXCLUSIVE ‘PATHWAY’ program is the difference that makes the difference to becoming a Super-A (biologically younger than your actual age). Super-A’s know there is no ‘magic pill’ and no ‘get fit quick’ formula. The plethora of self-help books, courses, and youtube videos – to lose weight or get fit are extrinsically motivated – with an end game. The ‘Pathway’ is a sustainable life-long lifestyle program that develops your intrinsic fitness motivation so that fitness becomes a habitual behavioural expectation, like brushing your teeth.

The Pathway Formula

The 4 to 12-week program has its roots in a study from University College London that states it takes 66 days to form a habit. As you embrace change and new routines, your attitude towards yourself will also change – bringing you closer, day by day, to being the best version of you.

The only requirement is your desire to get fit, and to share your experiences and goals at our online meetings on the ‘Super-A Forum’. The aim is to give you a clear sense of personal accountability and self-responsibility to help you stick to your plan.

“We’re in this together”
Wayne Lèal
  • We offer a course of 4 to 12 weeks – you choose how many weeks you want. The program costs £50 per week, with the 12-week plan providing FREE access to all online Super-A classes, in addition to your One-to-one training sessions.  
  • If you choose a shorter duration (4 weeks minimum), you can access online Super-A classes at a reduced rate of 50% (just £4 per class). 
  • We will match you to a Super-A Trainer according to exercise preferences, personalities, and physical intentions. Your Trainer is not a ‘Therapist,’ but they can call upon a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you to become the best version of yourself.   
  • Your Trainer will start with a one-to-one get-to-know-you session, which works both ways, and a questionnaire to gain insight into your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and aims. 
  • You will have a weekly hour-long one-to-one session with your Trainer at a mutually convenient time.  
  • Your Trainer will check-in with you regularly and provide encouragement and motivation.   
  • Your Trainer will take you through a progressive program tailored to you using the chosen methods of training.  
  • You can choose to purchase extra sessions with that Trainer during each week when you are on the program.
  • Aim to attend regular Super-A Forums online each week, which will provide an opportunity to connect with fellow Tribe members to support and share your journey, experiences, and tips.
  • At the end of the program, you will know where you want to go next. You can choose to continue on your own, taking classes or one-to-ones as before, and continue to enjoy the benefits of your Super-A Tribe Membership* or prefer to extend the Pathway Program with your dedicated Super-A Trainer.
* Super-A Tribe Membership includes discounts on equipment, access to masterclasses and retreats, and the online Super-A Magazine.
“Actions speak louder than words – be courageous and sincere. Embrace change and be authentic because this is what distinguishes a Super-A from the crowd”
Wayne Lèal

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